Saturday, 9 July 2011

Yet ANOTHER Price inflation Pocket Watch Reseller: UmbrellaLaboratory

This seller [UmbrellaLaboratory]claims everything is "theirs"..personally hand made by THEM. Most of the items are wholesale items (ie: Pocket watches, charms and more) The pocket watches come with the chain. So all this seller does is add the charms to make them more handmade-ish. They then inflate the pricing BIG time, and VOILA! They have 1268 sales... most of them were sold in 3 months! Seller also states the items are hand painted/patina.
(This seller has TONS of items but I'm only listing a few..I'll be here all day if I do.)
Firstly, before I list his items. I want to show that you can get the same keys that he/she adds as charms or pendants on their pieces. The keys are zinc alloy! so that means CHEAP METAL (LOL)
 Exact keys HERE on Alibaba. Minimum order has to contain 1000 pieces! 
And here (Alibaba Wholesale) and here (eBay). Most of the charms he uses are here  Dime a Dozen! ..almost literally.

HERE is their listing for key 'adds on' for $10!
Same key is here  on eBay for .99

Their owl watch necklace for $20

Same one on Alibaba for US $0.5 - 5 / Piece  (.5 cents if you buy more than 50)

Same pocket watch HERE for 1CENT on eBay

Another for $20. Tinted dome pocket watch.
Exact necklace here on Alibaba Wholesale for 12 for $26!

Here's their fairy pocket watch. and brass key 'set' Seller claims it's hand painted. $40
(I posted this same watch yesterday, that another seller has listed)
Same watch HERE on eBay for $1! Look at the details, most importantly the "fairy"/ girl photo inside. Exact.
The ad says you can have:
♥ watch necklace + pocket key 
♥ pocket watch + key necklace
♥ watch & key necklace

 WTF? Isn't that what you're selling?!

Another. A Wood pocket watch for $40
Exact one HERE on eBay for only $1.95. Buy it NOW! 
Here has tons more pocket watches. Just go HERE on Alibaba and you'll find all of theirs there. 

Same Octopus here on Alibaba Wholesale for US $0.5 - 3 / Piece 

Same owl necklace on Alibaba for US $1.4 - 1.7 / Piece 
and on eBay for .95cents

Okay last one. Another OWL Necklace. $10

EXACT necklace on eBay for .15 cents.

Sorry if this post contains typos and/or grammatical errors! I was in a rush, and I didn't proof read. =)

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