Thursday, 7 July 2011

YET Another Pocket Watch Reseller: TimesGood

Just today I did a "Comparison Shopping" entry on this seller[timesgood] I only listed one item of his in that entry because I thought (at first) that he only had that one item in his shop that was a wholesale item.
 BUT I just found more items of his for cheap/wholesale while "investigation" another reseller! 
And FYI to all you buyers who buy this type of item! When the title of the ad only says "Good Watch. Best Gift" in it, it's most likely a wholesale item from someone with broken English. from Hong Kong/China. ;) 

His ads say: Meticulous production process
Enjoy the pleasure of creation 
Liar liar pants on fire!

*DON'T FORGET: Links to items are in ORANGE. And click photos to view larger* =) and each item will be separated by a small divider. To keep it more organized*

Here's the item from todays entry.

His fancy smancy Orb pocket watch here for $36 These watches are literally a dime-a-dozen!

Or save $35.99 and get the exact  piece HERE on eBay for 1 CENT
EVERYTHING about it is the same as his.Notice the similarities in the detail, even down to the leather cord?

Here's his 'wood grain' pocket watch listed for $40! Same watch HERE but he has added .10 cent charm(s) of a wrench and hammer to it (lol) 

Exact one HERE on eBay for only $1.95. Buy it NOW! 

Here's his "Fairy" Pocket Watch for $40

Same watch HERE on eBay for $1! Look at the details, most importantly the "fairy"/ girl photo inside. Exact.

Here's his 'tinted' face pocket watch. for $30

EXACT watch HERE on Alibaba Wholesale for US $2 - 5 / Piece

Here's his "Adam and Eve" Pocket watch for $35 I laughed my butt off at this one.
 "Adam" is like 80 years old, and Eve is in her 20's. (LOL!) Knowing religious figures FAIL.

Exact watch HERE on eBay/ with exact photos too.Only $1.99 Buy it now. This seller calls it a "vintage painting" pocket watch.

Exact watch HERE on eBay for only 1cent

Here's his "Chinese Zodiac" pocket watch for $32

Exact watch HERE on eBay for 1 CENT.And HERE on Alibaba Wholesale.

Here is his Wooden watch for $55!! And the same watch in his and hers that he is listing for $95!! 

EXACT Watch HERE on Alibaba Wholesale, and listed under "Toy Wooden Watch, CHEAP"
The brand name is hkfengyi and the website is HERE. Which ISN'T the Etsy shop's website.
Also HERE for $6 for 2.

Here's the last wooden watch of his for $58

Exact watch on Alibaba for $12-$15 or less if you buy more than 50.
(PSA: Here are REAL Wooden watches.  By Tense. Look at the difference in style, price and BRAND. REAL handmade/real wooden watches run from $70 to $300)

Exact watch on Alibaba HERE, AND HERE (bulk pricing) AND HERE with eBay for $8.99.

Last one, although there's more.
THIS LOL He actually has THIS watch mixed in with items he's trying to claim is a "Meticulous production process" Oh my! 

And the same on eBay for $1.69, and on Alibaba for $1 a piece. (snorts!)

MORE sellers on Etsy (from China and Hong Kong) selling the exact watches as the above seller.

ArtIspiredGifts (I am making an entry on this seller tomorrow)

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