Thursday, 14 July 2011

Soap Reseller: Soycomfort

I'm on a soap reseller kick today since I noticed the soap reseller on Heartsy this morning.
This seller is also a deceitful little monkey. Soycomfort was already mentioned briefly in THIS    entry a few weeks ago in a huge list of soap resellers. But she added more soap to her "line" *snort* so I want to call her out. 
What I don't get about these kind of sellers; who also sell candles and lotions and other body crap. Is why they have time to make candles, and lotions but not the time for soap? Lazy tools. I am only going to list a few examples..because it's just stupid posting them all when I know y'all aren't dumb, and get the idea! 

Here's her Key Lime Pie soap

Same soap HERE on Natural Soap Wholesale. (Most popular wholesale site for soap!)
Her raspberry delight soap

Same soap HERE on Natural Soap Wholesale

Her Mango Papaya bliss 

Same soap HERE on Natural Soap Wholesale

Same soap HERE on Natural Soap Wholesale
lastly...but there IS more. Blah.Blah.

Same soap HERE on Natural Soap Wholesale

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