Thursday, 14 July 2011

When a partnership goes sour! (Copying logo and branding)

Last week THIS post was made on another Etsy 'Call Out' blog. About Hearts and Bows copying Flourish's label designs for her bath & body products. And it reminded me of this situation. 

The "in the know' run down. (from a reader)

THIS shop [plunksoap] is 'copying' the label/logo and some of the B&B recipes of [bnoelaromatics] Technically it IS copying, but technically it's not. (lol) The owner of this shop (plunk) was actually in business with the company (b.noel) she is copying. But they had a falling out and parted ways but both continued selling on Etsy. Now PLUNK still thinks it's cool to have similar branding as b.noel. Which sucks, because the owner of b.noel is the seller who originally started the products/labels when they were partners. 
   Even though some of the labeling isn't EXACT, they're still pretty freakin' similar.  So tacky! and Lazy!
(I'm only going to post a few examples..go to their shops to see the rest!)

HERE is B.Noel's design for "Into the Woods" Label


HERE is B.noel's Second Wind label.


HERE is B.noel's 'LA LA Land'

Here is PLUNKS

HERE is B.Noel's Witches Brew (label)

HERE'S Plunks

Like I said, I only posted a couple of examples. Just look at the shops, and through plunks 'sold item' list to see more.

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