Monday, 4 July 2011

Yet another jewelry reseller: handmadebybluebird (Reader submitted)

This post is from a reader who is a jewelry designer. A real jewelry designer! they exist ;) 
handmadebybluebird is a dirty seller. Even her shop name is lie! She has a few legit hand made items but has just as many wholesale items. I guess by calling her designs famous people names it's okay to claim them handmade. -Denise.
Here's her "handmade" Edgar Allan Poe  owl necklace for $20
Exact necklace on eBay for only .21 cents! another here for only .99 cents

Here's her "Edward Scissorhands" necklace. for $18!
Same necklace (in silver) on eBay for only .6 cents
Same necklace on eBay for $6.40
Same necklace (in brass with added beads-same chain) on Alibaba for only $1 and HERE

Exact necklace on Alibaba for US $0.6 - 1.6 / Piece On eBay for .99

Same one on eBay for $8 

Same necklace on Alibaba for US $0.2 - 2.5 / Piece and eBay for $7 (different chain though)

Exact necklace on Alibaba for US $0.5 - 3 / Piece 
amd on eBay for $6.40

Her rocking horse necklace for $24 (She has a flower bead added to it, yanno to make it "handmade." 
Same one on eBay for $6.40. This one has a heart on it instead of a flower.

Similar earrings on eBay for but with different hooks.
Shops with similar earrings., here ($5),  Here ($9) here ($10) and here ($13). =)

Her leaf earrings for $13

Same earrings on eBay here for only .99 cents, and here for $5

There items below aren't wholesale items, technically. But their prices are inflated BIG time compared to the cost of supplies and how easy the piece is to put together.

Here is her over priced Benjamin Rabbit necklace. She is asking $20

The chain is HERE for only .50cents A piece. OR on eBay= $3.80 for 5 feet!
Here is the exact charm on Brightling Beads for only .94 cents = $1.44 to make.

Necklace is dirt cheap and the tulip is a bead cap, and only $2 each. HERE
Same necklace on Etsy HERE, HERE AND HERE. Unique. Not.

NO Photos for these items. Just linkage =)

Her Golden Snitch (ball locket) without the wings. $18
Same necklace (with wings) on Alibaba for US $0.5 - 3 / Piece 
Same one on eBay for $10
6 balls from China for only $5

Well that's it! :)

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