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Glue, price inflation and cheap supplies make for a good scam!

This seller tempusfugit (2500 sales!) is one of the most BALLSY sellers ever! And he is pulling a GlazedBlackCherry (<-see entry) and inflating prices of uncostly wholesale-ish jewelry. I just love how these [LAZY] sellers claim their junk jewelry as handmade, when all they do is slap dime-a-dozen wholesale charm on a dirt cheap pocket watch, cheap-ass brass chain, or a cheap earring hook & call it a CREATION! (LOL) My 11 year old son can pull this off! as long as I give him the money for supplies of course. ; ) IDEA!!CHA-CHING.. $$ 
Yes, I know that most people buy supplies wholesale yadda yadda (including soap and jewelry etc..) But most of those sellers aren't purposely trying to rip people off, and they ask a decent; and honest price! 
What pisses me off about this guy, is his profile. He says everything is hand' made by himself. Including the wholesale charms and pendants he uses in his "pieces." He states boldly that he cast everything using  molds. He also claims he hand assembles the pocket watches! Biggest lying scam-artist, ever.
Here's a snippet from his profile:
 I have had my store on Etsy since 2008, I started out with a mere 6 items initially and over the years have built up my items and designs. I have over 20 cufflink designs, more than 60 earring designs, more than a 100 necklace designs, close to a hundred different watch designs--and I really do design and hand assemble the watches, and can customize to some measure. Also I have around 60 fob and bracelet designs, close to 500 different designs!--there are many items I made that I havent had a chance to put in my store.
All lies. (lol) He REALLY sells [mostly]shitty quality pocket watches, and has 11 negatives and 24 neutral feedback. Most of the feedback complain of the watches stopping only a day or two after receiving it. What do you expect? It's CHEAP JUNK watches. Dur!

 (clicks photo(s) to view actual sized images. Links are in ORANGE)

-Just a couple of feedbacks-
-Here's a few examples of his pocket watches-

Exact same watch on eBay for only 1 CENT!

Here is one of his many Octopus pocket watches he has listed.  It has the white face plate removed to make it "steampunk" with a $.20cent to-$1 Octopus charm glued to it for $73! It took about $1.50 & about 15mins to make this crappy thing.
Oh my.There are SO many styles of these wholesale pocket watches, and so many designs. So it's hard to track the exact pattern/style down. But here's a similar stainless steel pocket watch on eBay (same materials etc.) for only ..6 cents!.

Here's the Octopus *silver over brass) charm on Alibaba Wholesale- 100 piece bag for $20
Similar "OOAK" watches from other Etsy sellers here, here and here.

Here's his spider/web pocket watch in brass (stainless steel) for $50! He didn't do anything to this but glue a ugly looking bat on to it. lol /off topic..BUT that is what I call one bat shit crazy looking bat! Just look at it's face and penis-tail.?
Here is the EXACT Same flower/web pocket watch on Alibaba (in silver) for only US $0.5 - 2 / Piece
*Check out the design on the back and front. Exactly the same watch! (lol woah)*
The exact crazy 'flying' bat charm is here on eBay here 2 for $1.50 

he did the same thing with these...same watch just different charms.

Here is a deer pendant/necklace of his. Asking price $25

Same cheap pendant on Alibaba[Chinese] Wholesale

His "steampunk" propeller cuff links. He is asking $50 for them! 
These  propeller (charms) are really cheap, and the cuff link bases are even cheaper.One pair of these links cost at the most $1.70 to make, and about 5 mins to slap together.
Here's the charms on Etsy 4 for $3.75 and here for the same price.
The 'blank' cuff link bases are cheap as well. 
Here you can get 5 pairs for only $5
Here for only $7
Here's the same charm on a brass ring for only .55 cents a piece on Alibaba.
More shops with the exact same cuff links.
Here for $18
Here for $20
Here for $20
Here for $20
There's more but that's enough to prove my point. LOL They're not unique and definitely NOT worth $50

Here's a pair of earrings with Orb pocket watches on them. He is asking $50 for them.
Those watches are so cheap it's ridiculous. 

Here's one Orb Watch- for only 1 CENT! on eBay , another listing on eBay for $1, on Alibaba and other shops on Etsy. HERE, HERE AND HERE. All less than $4 And you can get the earrings hooks here, 40 for .20 cents! So he spent about .60 cents, and 5 minutes to make a pair of these. EEK!

Here's his pair of skeleton key pocket watch earrings for $40 
EXACT Key watch on eBay for only .01 cent a piece!!

Here is his of Feather and Claw earrings for $65!!
Hooks here- 40 for .20 cents
Exact Pendant/Feather here on eBay for only $ 2.90 each. (LOL!) and here for $3.90
So total cost to make on pair, roughly $8

Here's a pair of his Candle earrings for $40. on plain fake gold looking hooks.
Exact same candle charms for an unknown price on Alibaba
Or HERE on eBay 5 for only $4

Okay last one..even though there's 36 pages( more)of shittiness to post about.

His "steampunk" bettle necklace. for $40
Here's the exact same bettle pendants/charms- 2 for $5

Here  in brass for $2.40
Here's the chain he uses for most of his necklaces. $1.20 a meter.

And before I forget! I didn't include this with the pocket watches. But here's the chain he uses for them. .39 cents for one. 
Less on Alibaba

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