Sunday, 14 August 2011

Another fake vintage seller: bonjoursophie

bonjoursophia is from China, Using Etsy as a flea market for non-handmade/vintage items. Here are a few examples (of many) she has listed. 

First up is her perfume's that are NOT vintage or handmade. She only offers them as "free with purchase" but she still has them listed, and they're not allowed.
Here's some of junk jewelry that's not vintage or handmade.
Heart ring. Obviously NOT vintage.
Rosy beads necklace- That is CLAIMS is vintage!
Another "vintage" piece-Shell bracelet thingy.
Another non-vintage necklace. "French Kitty"
Simple and cute diamond cut ring- listed as vintage AND handmade.
That's it for this seller/entry. Here's more if you want to look at the junk yourself.

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