Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brand name Clothing reseller: porndump231

Before I start I just want to mention that his is my 8th post on 8 different resellers in 2 days. So people who haven't been around..just go to bottom of this page and click "older posts" to view them. :)
Anyhow, porndump231 (Niiice name?!) thinks Etsy is eBay as well! He/she has a few listing of NEW brand name items in their shop. Here are their items.
First up is their Rock and Republic gown
Their name brand sunglasses. Two different brands.
Their designer jewelry..OBVIOUSLY not handmade or vintage.
Last item..until they add more. IF Etsy doesn't close them down that is! SO flag away!
Another necklace of "theirs" listed under HAND MADE. LOL


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