Saturday, 13 August 2011

Reseller who uses Etsy like eBay: myluxury1st

*Note the comments below from this "lady" (Denyce) threatening and foul* What an AWESOME seller!* /sarcasm. 
 myluxury1st has a few items listed that are obviously NOT handmade or vintage. Below are a few of those items!  (Don't forget! Links to items/"evidence" are in orange, and to view full sized images, click on them!)
 Here is a screen cap of his profile where he loosely rats on himself that he sells wholesale.
Their Juicy Couture knock off cell phone case Available in 5 colors!
Their non handmade nor vintage bathing suit
Their 'belly band' back support thingy WTG This store owner is an idiot! lol
Their 'puffy couture' quilted purse Available in 5 colors.
Their Hair iron
Last item...for now
LIKE COME ON! This shop has been reported twice by myself already. How are Etsy not catching this? They have time to be forum Nazis but don't have time to review new shops?! I just don't get it. 


  1. your so efn dumb itch! i never said anything about selling wholesale, ahole. lmao. what a nut.

  2. there were lots of comments by me that u did not let public, u effn moron idiot with nothing in ur life to do. lmao. i exposed u.

  3. bit^^ police report has been filed and i have all of your information because your site is public record. thank you. if you continue to harass me by having this up, i will file a restraining order against you for this site and have it shut down and trust me it can be done.

  4. Police report? LMAO You are a dumb ass.
    This site isn't breaking any laws. And your photos and Etsy is PUBLIC DOMAIN.
    See ya! your shop won't last much longer on Etsy. Go to eBay where you belong, trash seller.

  5. ps: I KNOW I'm a bitch :) too bad you don't know you're a scum bag idiot.

  6. WOW she's not only a reseller, but an uneducated fouled mouthed idiot too! LOL
    I see her shop is gone. YAY!

  7. yup bitch but i see it will be back up as if i really give a fuck u ugly fat ass bitch sitting there with nothing to do all of a sudden you wanna add these message to your toolbar hoe, but i have messaged u way more than this and yes i do have a foul mouth for fat funky ass ugly ass bitches like you. post this bitch!

  8. bitch im educated when it omes down to it but for you, you aint shit and im fouled mouthed to you all day ery day u ratchet ass hoe

  9. wow - shop is empty & seller's profile now goes into the whole thing about their items being removed by etsy. sure admin won't take to that too kindly. even if she makes her own hair clips, why is she selling flat irons & purses as 'supplies for crafting'? They are a hair supply, but NOT a supply for crafting, which is the only kind of commercial 'supply' allowed on etsy.

  10. PSA! You will NOT be back selling on Etsy! That is a fact. :) Your items are NOT allowed on Etsy..try eBay!

  11. What do you mean you exposed me? LMAO
    Exposed me for what? This blog as been around for 3 months now, I get 200-300 unique hits/visits a day! A LOT of people from Etsy (and other places online) know about this blog! lol


  12. I just googled this seller's username and email and found out A LOT on her including her Facebook page and forum posts from various boards online.
    She is indeed uneducated by the sounds of those crazy incoherent (possibly drunk?) messages. She can't even string a full sentence together without coming across as a ghetto idiot. Blech. I bet she's a single mom with 10 baby daddies, on welfare and trying to pedal her shitty items online to feed them pb and j sandwiches! Oh wait..she is!

    Look at these links. She is selling EVERYWHERE online. Even on sites called "ResellerRatings" lol Irony?

    She has NEGATIVE feedback here..color me surprised! NOT!

  13. PSA Miss Willams. You will NOT be selling on Etsy again..that is a fact. The items you sell are not allowed on Etsy! TRY Ebay!

  14. wow you wanna highlight my 2 negative feedbacks when duh, if a bitch dont pay they will not receive their items from me, so why dont you try googling somemore and posting my 1 million positive feedbacks, thank you, none of the links you posted say shit about me, most of the shit is old and has no relevance to what is going on today, thats how simple minded your fat ass is. smh lolololol

  15. g all my messages bitch and get a life

  16. I actually feel bad for this person (the seller) she sounds so angry, fat and ghetto. I really hope she doesn't raise her kids and the State has them :/ To imagine someone like THAT has contact with children is scary! *pukes*
    Ignorant simple minded RESELLER.


  17. Carrie google me bitch and ad to my fb page, im slim and cute unlike u itch u wish u looked half as good as me. 2timing hoe. lmao. u wish i was fat and just from the comment u made i can tell ur ass dont do shit but sit around and eat twinkies all damn day. how about you get a life and get off thei blog spots nuts bitch cuz nothing that u are saying is hurting me. this was between me and the blogger, not ur ugly hoeish ass. lmao.

  18. Who the heck is Carrie, foul mouthed hood rat?

  19. Ugh I'm sick if your dumb ass spelling 'ho' as 'hoe' Another tip off that you're an uneducated idiot.
    HOE is a garden tool. Dirty welfare bitch.

  20. Your mama u government assistance ass butch kiss my ass u manly ass yurd. Get sick of that. I'm still going strong you not breaking anyone fat ass


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