Friday, 5 August 2011

FYI to the assholes sending 'hate' mail.

I am NOT trying to be April from Regretsy, at all! What fun would that be?  As much as I love her site, I will NOT mock it. I am my OWN person, and wanted to create a blog that is original!  I know you idiotic resellers have a hard time realizing not everyone copies one another. So you'll just have to take my HONEST word for it.

FYI, douche bags. It states in my profile's 'about' section, that this blog will be RANDOM. It will contain dry-humor, anything online shopping related, snark, making fun of dumb-asses, AND even some TOTALLY off topic subjects to give the blog a breather from ALL the reselling nonsense.

Now shag off emailing me your drunken rants...take your Paxil, and kiss my box.
Please?! :)

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