Friday, 5 August 2011

Reseller: mehaasp

Reseller mehaasp has made 250 sales since April/11..not too many but enough for a fake!

First up is her Turtle pocket watch. She's not asking a whole lot but she is still listing them as handmade. Blech.

Same necklace here on Alibaba
and with THESE other resellers on Etsy.

Here's the infamous cheap-assed eyeglass necklace. (<--past entry on this necklace)

Same glasses HERE for 1CENT to .10 cents on Alibaba in 3 colors (gold, brass and silver)

MORE resellers on Etsy with the same necklaces..(just a few of MANY)

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba Wholesale

a couple more Resellers on Etsy selling the same one..and in different colors.

Same one here on Alibaba

Just a couple more..even though her store is FULL of this crap.

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba for dirt cheap/bulk.

MORE sellers on Etsy with exact necklace.

Same HERE necklace on Alibaba

More sellers on Etsy with exact necklace.

last one...her owl necklace! 

Same one HERE on Alibaba

MORE Etsy sellers with same necklaces listed as handmade as well.

That's it...for today =) Flag away.

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