Thursday, 28 July 2011

Group Dealz (A Trendy Trinket) has now joined the Reseller train..

Here's today's "deal" on I have done numerous entries on these pockets watch necklaces. The online store hosting this "deal" is called A Trendy Trinket. Here's the site. Trendy Trinket sells even MORE wholesale NON-Handmade items as well.

HERE, HERE, HERE AND HERE are 4 of 12? I have done.
Here is one example of the Owl links for more photos/examples.

SAME Owl necklace HERE on eBay for .99 CENTS

I can guarantee you, if you look HERE on Alibaba Chinese Wholesale, you will find every pocket watch the shop has for sale on it for DIRT CHEAP and in BULK. People on Groop Dealz's Facebook wall are going mad over them. lol Little do they know they're only a buck a piece on Alibaba and eBay. Suckers! :/

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